" Faithfully serving you for the past 15 years "

* We are a menber of the better business bureau,with an A+ rating since 2,000.


*Repair & install roofs for the past 15 years.

*Ask about our class IV (hail impact resistant) to save $ on your homeowners insurance.

 Services that we offer

 * Sky lights

 * attic Ventilation

 * Repairs / Leaks

 * Total Roof replacement

 * Free consultations.

 * Free written estimates

 * Roof inspections

 * Install : metal,cedar shingles,shakes composition shingles,flat roofs,class IV (hail impact resistant)

The Roofing Contract

Get it in writing. Beware of verbal promises. When a contract is presented, it should spell out the proposed work and prices. Read the contract carefully. Misunderstandings are the most common cause of contract disputes. Pay special attention to be certain the following points are covered in the contract.

  • Building Permits: What's necessary? Consider local ordinances, costs, posting requirements.
  • Products Materials: What will be used, brands, colors, etc.
  • Project Inspections: number of inspections, completion timetable
  • Site Procedures: work hours, clean-up procedures on the around your home, safety precautions, etc.
  • Warranties: Including both workmanship and product.
  • Terms: Detailed as method of payment to include a lien waiver upon final payment. There are only two reasons why you should pay cash up front. Reputable roofing contractors will not need cash up front for 99% of all jobs they do. The only circumstances that would make it necessary are if you special order non-returnable roofing materials, or insurance does not cover your repairs and you have questionable credit. Be careful of contractors who ask for money up front, especially if your roof is standard wood, composition, or tile shingles. This is the number one area of fraud among contractors.
  • Liens: You should be aware that under the laws of most states, a contractor who does work on your home, or a supplier of materials for such work, has a right to place a lien on your property. Make sure all essential elements of your agreement are written down and understood by both parties.
  • Ventilation: The roofing company you choose should discuss ventilation in your home. Ventilation is the key to having the Ultimate Roofing System. You can install the shingles correctly, but if the home is not properly ventilated, the life expectancy of your roof is drastically reduced and the shingle manufacturer warranty could be void due to the improper ventilation.
  • Who do you contact for customer service after the sale: The roofing company you choose should be able to answer this question easily and you should ALWAYS make sure to get your warranty in writing at the completion of the project.

      Letting the Roofer Work

- Let the Roofing Contractor Do His/Her Work: Sit Back and Relax

A little well-planned research up front will undoubtedly save you a lot of time and trouble later on. Once you feel confident that you have the best contractor, the best products, the best value simply relax and let your contractor do his job. Do, however monitor the progress of your project to be certain your contractor lives up to his superior reputation.

" Faithfully serving you for the past 15 years "

Relax and Watch a Job Well Done

You will be amazed at how smooth the project goes. We have all the systems and customer service in place to make the process painless. In fact, we recommend that you just take a day off and go enjoy yourself somewhere for the day.

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